The A-Train


Written by Richard Corozine
Music performed and arranged by Vince Corozine
Directed by Matthew Corozine.

This is a three-act, four-actor play that presents Nick Corozine's journey and the creative process as an older, saxophone player persists to "get it back."

After losing three fingers on his right hand in an industrial accident, the not-to-be-derailed Nick physically challenges himself and revives his passion to return to his first love—the saxophone. He struggles to overcome adversity as he practices in his beloved wife, Carmella's kitchen among the pots and pans.

What drives a man to play and breathe music?
Fueled by the power-driven, rhythmic tunes of musicians before him, and of course by the rambling cajoling of his jazz angel, Sonny (based on legend Sonny Stitt), Nick journeys through the songs of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn.

The play, like Nick's life, is filled with music.


Take The A-Train

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